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Getting Started[edit]

Getting Started with Humanoid Robots

Name Comments
Underactuated Robotics High-quality open-source course from MIT
Advanced Robot Dynamics High-quality open-source course from CMU
Optimal Control High-quality open-source course from CMU
Learning for Adaptive and Reactive Robot Control Textbook for graduate-level courses in robotics
Learning algorithms Resources related with training humanoid models in simulation and real environments
Servo Design A reference for servos that you can use
Category:Guides Category for pages which act as guides
Category:Courses Category for pages about useful courses related to robotics
Category:Electronics Category for pages about electronics topics
Category:Hardware Category for pages relating to hardware
Category:Firmware Category for pages relating to firmware
Category:Software Category for pages relating to software
Category:Teleop Category for pages relating to teleoperation
Category:Papers Category for humanoid robotics papers
Category:Non-humanoid Robots Category for pages relating to non-humanoid robots
Contributing How to contribute to the wiki

List of Robots[edit]

Company Robots
1X Eve, Neo
Agibot RAISE-A1
Agility Cassie, Digit
Anthrobotics Anthro
Apptronik Valkyrie, Draco, QDH, Apollo
AstriBot Corporation Astribot S1
Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Center Tiangong
Boardwalk Robotics Nadia, Alex
Booster Robotics BR002
Boston Dynamics HD Atlas, Atlas
DATAA Robotics XR4
Deep Robotics Wukong-IV
Engineered Arts Ameca
Figure Figure 01
Fourier Intelligence GR-1
Haier Kuavo (Kuafu)
Honda Robotics ASIMO
Hyperspawn Robotics Shadow-1
Instituto Italiano iCub
Kawasaki Robotics Kaleido, Friends Kayra
Kepler K1
K-Scale Labs Stompy
Kind Humanoid Mona
LimX Dynamics CL-1
MenteeBot MenteeBot (Robot)
Mirsee Robotics Beomni, Mirsee
NASA Valkyrie, Robonaut2
NEURA Robotics 4NE-1
PAL Robotics Kangaroo, REEM-C, TALOS
Pollen Robotics Reachy
Rainbow Robotics HUBO
Robotera XBot, Starbot
Sanctuary Phoenix
SoftBank Robotics Pepper, NAO
Stanford Robotics Lab OceanOneK
SuperDroid Robots Rocky
SUPCON Navigator α
System Technology Works ZEUS2Q
Tesla Optimus
Toyota Research Institute Punyo, T-HR3
UBTech Walker X, Panda Robot, Walker S
UC Berkeley Berkeley Blue
Unitree H1, G1
University of Tehran Surena IV
Westwood Robotics THEMIS
WorkFar WorkFar Syntro
Xiaomi CyberOne
Xpeng PX5

Communication Protocols[edit]

Controller Area Network (CAN)
Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)

List of Actuators[edit]

Actuator Notes
OBot Open-source actuator
SPIN Servo Open-source actuator
VESCular6 A project based on VESC
ODrive A precision motor controller
Solo Motor Controller A motor controller alternative to the ODrive.
J60 Actuators built for the DEEP Robotics quadrupeds.
K-Scale Motor Controller An open-source motor controller